The Body Talk Program in May

So here we are, the end of a season, which means the beginning of a new season!

–But wait! The end of a season provides ample opportunity for reflection, and reflection is oh so so important, as it allows us to add meaning to our experiences, and develop a greater understanding of ourselves and others. Yeeep, we’re getting deep and soulful in this session. So let’s get on it everybody!

First of all, here is the tip of the iceberg of applause for the hard work and energy that went into the Body Talk Spring Break Workshop and Performance. I cannot possibly express in words (woop, I feel a dance coming on) how overwhelmingly impressed I am by the Body Talk Cru, participants, sponsors, facilitators, contributors, supporters- YOU in whatever shape, form, and expression your involvement and engagement in the program occurred- because wow! Do you guys know how to put on a show or what!? Send all your e-yeahs over if you agree, and splurge on some soulful pats-on-ze-backs.

What a humbling experience it is to be a part of a community. I don’t think there are many other things that are as rewarding than experiencing how various individuals and groups can come together as a whole community, to contribute to and enliven the community itself with the culture of performing arts. What a rich experience for both youth and the community at large. And KUDOS to the transformative powers of dance, for both audience and artists alike. There’s something so raw and essential that dance is able to tap into- a language that is much more direct than words.

Next is GRATITUDE, for the experience of being a part of the Body Talk Program overall, and for the “little-learnings” along the way. I have learned (I’m dropping this word a lot) to become extra mindful of the little eddies and whirls that the “river of life” provides as learning opportunities, as well as the larger, stronger currents- they all provide meaning to experience.

We need to keep acknowledging and supporting the efforts exerted in providing programs like Body Talk, for these programs help in creating culture and community, and these are the relationships that matter, right?

I see Body Talk as a space that facilitates intercultural dialogue among youth, intergenerational dialogue, and dialogue between youth and the wider community. What better way to empower today’s youth than by encouraging and supporting artistic and creative abilities, leadership, and teamwork. Let’s keep the conversation going with Body Talk.

I find myself coming back to my good friend inspiration (hello inspiration), have you heard of this little spark that can fuel creation for aeons? Well, inspiration tells me that community is where the heart is, and that’s definitely where I want to continue to be. Thank you Body Talk.

In Gratitude,

–Body Talk Social Media Intern signing out–


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