Flow is the Word.

Flow is the Word.


So Dude…we’ve figured out what’s wrong, we’ve seen the doctor, we’ve received a prescription, and we’ve ventured out into the community for inspiration and advice…


For a recap on the story so far, check out the previous chapters of The Dude below—what’s a cliff-hanger without a cliff?












Alas! The wind doth carry our noble cause far…for OURO Collective have caught word about The Dude and the Body Talk Cru, and have joined our mission to Be Bold. Dance!


OURO Collective are a full-flavoured dance collective from Vancouver and fellow public space explorers that engage in a range of styles including hip-hop, waacking, breaking, popping and contemporary dance. I did mention LOUD last time, didn’t I?


They view “collaboration as a catalyst for dialogue, creative innovation, and community building” and endeavor to push the boundaries of the relationship between dancer/artist, movement, and environment.




–Yes! We sprinkle this stuff on our breakfast!


And yes! OURO Collective will be joining us from March 27 to April 1 for the Spring Break Workshop, and on April 2 for the performance at the Port Theatre. You can find the event on Facebook too.




We’re less than a month away now! If you haven’t got tickets yet, you can find them here:



In anticipation of OURO’s arrival, bearing the full funk of Vancouver city’s diverse and colourful energy and inspiration, Cristina Bucci from OURO Collective has shared a few words:


“we are excited about our first time performing as a collective on the island and excited about engaging with a new community of youth, artists, dancers and non-dancers, as well as creating a piece. What is new is our tour of Japan and Guelph, a new full length show, our first international tour, and first time in Ontario- lots of new experiences for us this season”.


We’re excited too! Wait until The Dude finds out that his cause is now backed by two communities of dancers!


In all this excitement I thought I’d reflect on the Body Talk CRU and what they’ve been doing these past few months- a little throwback, you know? Let’s cozy up in some context.


I’m really loving these in-sync and impactful images by the way.


So did you know that the Body Talk Cru have been meeting every Monday in preparation for the upcoming Spring Break Workshop and Performance? They’ve been covering everything from choreography, lighting and sound, to event planning and logistics.

I remember when the Cru were having a FUNraiser at The Vault. They were all practising inside before their performance, and I had turned around for one second (I swear!) and the entire Cru had vanished! Dancers, magicians, it’s hard to differentiate. Well, after Jamie pointed to the door, I followed the breadcrumbs out to the footpath in front of The Vault—the Cru had spontaneously spilled out onto the street! It was quite a magical moment in which the Cru had invited the static walls of the buildings and the cold unyielding concrete of the footpath into their performance, they had transformed an environment!


We may not always be aware of the amazing ability we have to invite our surroundings into our world(s) and vice versa. Dance is both internal and external.

So, flow is the word.


Said and heard.


The Body Talk Social Media Team


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