Flash Mob Squad

Assemble. Disperse. Disruptive. Random. Artistic. Bizarre.

Flash mob’s the word.

And so our exploration of public space continues.

So I was at the Crimson Coast Dance Society’s volunteer appreciation dinner the other night, and all of a sudden these words, these exact words, all came to life! Jamie got up, grabbed love with both hands, and began to gather the attention of the casually unaware. Then everyone assembled together in the room to take on some impromptu choreography.

Enter The Sass


Turns out dinner wasn’t all that was on the table for the night!


Yes, dinner had been disrupted by random acts of dance! Then Bizarre entered the scene when love balls started floating around.


Here’s the full version:



Participation. Engagement. Reaction. Unusual.


I think this captures something of the spirit of flash mobs and their temporarily disruptive nature.


So what exactly are flash mobs?


“The essence of a flash mob is a large group of people suddenly assembling in a public place to perform an unusual act for a brief period of time before dispersing quickly as if nothing had happened. Some flash mobs are meant to entertain, while others are purely for artistic expression. Still other flash mobs are purely for the enjoyment of the participants, as they watch the reactions of those around them” (http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/what-is-a-flash-mob).


Check out this B-Boy group Diversity and their flash mob in London, the setting they chose, the way they built it up by starting off with a couple of dancers, then gathering more people towards the end.



Now that we know some things about taking over public space and engaging directly with the public, I wonder if we can let The Dude know how these things work…


Speaking of The Dude, I heard word about a group of people who know a little something about dance and creative use of space…Vancouver’s very own doctor’s of dance, Ouro Collective…


You might find them in places like this.


I wonder if they’d know anything about The Dude’s dance issues?


…I have a feeling things are about to get LOUD.


Spread the good word: Be Bold. Dance.


And pass love around if you see it.


Body Talk Social Media Team.




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