Doctor, I have an issue… My dance won’t work.

Chapter 3 of The Dude: “Doctor, I have an issue… My dance won’t work.”


“So uh, hi Doc…”

The Dude finally decided to go to the doctor.  Let’s see what the great Dr. Tonia Winchester  from prescribes…

You said it Doc, Rx: “dance like EVERYBODY is watching.”

Now what does the good doc mean by that?

Isn’t it true that we become very self-conscious of ourselves when we know people are watching? That the mere fact of knowing that we are being observed can make all the difference? Well, instead of shying away from that, the message here is about learning how to use that knowledge to empower yourself.

Dancing is as catchy as…well, the music that makes you wanna move! It’s your very own interpretation that is shared as a form of communication. The way you move is also your very own signature art piece. So own that! Flaunt it whenever the mood swings in your favour.

Dance- a form of communication regardless of expert ability:

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit. – E.E. Cummings

Dancing improves your life:

That’s right. Self-confidence. B-Bold. Dance.

Now there’s a sassy twist.

I wonder what else we can do to keep our feet on beat?

Food is what keeps us going, the right food can take us far:

Tips from the experts about how to improve your form:

So Dude…what are you gonna do?


How is The Dude going to use this golden piece of advice?

I’m curious as to what you guys think about this…do you have any advice or suggestions as to how The Dude can B-Bold?

Stay tuned. We’ve gone over to the B-side.

Written by the Body Talk Program Social Media Team


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