Q&A with the Creator of Love – Daniel Nielson

Welcome to the Q&A with Daniel Nielson – the Creator of Love – love_image2_1478302468_cc_blog

Here is February’s forecast for love, happiness, tap, and jazz in Nanaimo.

Yes, it’s all heading our way. Love and February are synonymous. And Crimson Coast has got us covered. Canada’s own Daniel Nielsen is tapping into Nanaimo’s cultural scene and the universal love intrigue to share a story about love and the search for happiness. That is Love. Be. Best. Free. An eccentric combination of tap dance, live jazz music, storytelling, and comedy.

What an electric love story!

Check out the details for the February 19th performance at The Port Theatre here:


Love’s interpretations are endless, but that’s what keeps us coming back for more, right?

crimson-coast_blog_dnielsenHere’s a peek into Choreographer and Creator of Love. Be. Best. Free, Daniel Nielson’s own interpretation of love:

Have you been to Nanaimo before?

Daniel: Yes, but this will be the first time performing. I adjudicated a few years ago at a Provincial Competition as well as did an Outreach class at the university this past month.

Interviewer: What will the Nanaimo audiences experience when they see the show?

Daniel: High energy face paced dancing blended with live music, storytelling and comedy. I hope to make people laugh but have them reflect as well.

Where did the inspiration for the show come from?

Daniel: Personal life experiences and conversations with other artists about what we through in our careers. Although we all love our careers in the arts, it is sometimes difficult to make sense of how to live a ‘normal’ life through it all.

What do you love about the show?

Daniel: I love that it’s not just a show with tap dancing. It features a storyline, live music, comedy, and the list goes on. This is my debut project that is touring and I’m excited that it is based off a subject is that almost relatable to everyone.

And here is a little bio on Nielsen’s journey to here and now:

Danny Nielsen is originally from Calgary, AB, he began his rhythm tap career as a founding member of MADD Rhythms Canada under the direction of Lisa La Touche. In his hometown, Danny was hired by the highly regarded jazz company Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, which lead to having featured choreographies in their productions of Tinge and Tone and 25. In 2010, Danny became the ‘Artist in Residence’ at the Vancouver Tap Society, where he directed the boys program, the girls program, and youth ensemble Tap Co with the Society for 2 years. During his time in Vancouver, Danny was a part of many productions including A Chronological Life Story of a Few Tap Dancers with Matt Shields and Travis Knights, Stark Pulse with Jessie Sawyers, and the original tap dancer in the creation of Taps and Twang with the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble. In 2012, Danny was the recipient of the Santa Aloi Award from the Scotiabank Dance Centre. He later used the grant to create and direct his first full length production Love.Be.Best.Free. In his time in Vancouver, Danny emerged onto the international tap scene, making his presence felt in Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Chicago, Mexico, Seattle and all over Canada. He has taught for distinguished dance festivals and conventions such as the Zurich Tap Festival, Chicago Human Rhythm Project, Triple Threat, DC Tap Fest, and Brasil Tap Jazz to name a few. Television credits include the worldwide broadcast of the 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies and the opening number for the 2008 Jerry Lewis Telethon choreographed by Chloe Arnold in Las Vegas, NV.

You can read the full story here:


Phew! Around the world in how many taps?

We’re ready for this Nanaimo. We’re ready for this fresh, energetic take on February’s king tide of love.

Body Talk Social Media Team tapping out.


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