An odd encounter.

An odd encounter is right.

Wow, so this is what it feels like to be “inside” of a blog! These are the first impressions and confessions of an intern- cue name drop for myself- Natasha Mrowinski, and it turns out that this is not the only odd encounter of the evening.

Before I proceed to unravel this “odd encounter”, I ought to share a slice of my world and the perspective I’m coming from.

natasha-viu-student-for-body-talk-programI’m a fourth year Global Studies and Philosophy student at Vancouver Island University, and I have recently embarked upon this crazy-fun adventure as an intern for the Crimson Coast Dance Society. Jamie has taken me on board to work with a team of mentors and an amazing group of youth on the social media campaign for a youth program here in Nanaimo called Body Talk.

And here is what the program is all about:



So, how did I get here?

Well, the Philosophy program offers an internship course alongside Creative Writing students to provide an opportunity for experiential learning, and when Jamie came in to share her story, it resonated with me.

Her story resonated with my enthusiasm to positively engage with the community, and my passion for exploring world and mind in ways that tap into the oh-so-infinite well of human creative ability.

As a budding social scientist (I’m becoming more and more aware of my fast approaching launch out of undergraduate studies), I’m interested in understanding our interactions with the world and each other, how we engage in all of this, and how we can do so in a way that will widen the world we create with/for each other.

So here I am, reaching out to you through the Body Talk Program blog, to share a story, a story that revolves around creating, engaging, and exploring.

…I did mention a second odd encounter, right?

the-dude-body-talk-programWell curiosity began teasing the cat when I saw Jamie and the Body Talk CRU the other night…they were gathered around discussing the upcoming Body Talk Spring Break Workshop and show, and while they were having this discussion, I couldn’t help but notice this dude in the background…arms flailing and feet stomping all over the place!

It was hard not to notice this strange character and his curious movements…was there something wrong with his dance?

I think we were all sharing the same thoughts- who is this dude and what is he doing?? It was obvious that he wanted attention…but what for?

I was surprised when Jamie finally did address this mysterious dude-of-a-character- not to ask him what was wrong, but to tell him to go see a doctor!  Watch this…


…I wonder if there is a better way to connect with the youth?

As useful as a diagnosis from the doctor is, our problems don’t just come from within ourselves, they are influenced by our social environment, our community, so that’s also where we should be looking for solutions and support!

Seriously though…we’ve gotta hand it to him, The Dude’s out there, and he’s looking for help. Maybe we can turn this odd encounter into a learning experience for all.

Brought to you by our Body Talk Program Social Media Intern

Natasha Mrowinski



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